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BBC Radio

BBC Radio

Sweet Root Naturals

Sweet Root Naturals

US Army

US Army

Leo's On Chocolate

US Department of Defense

US Defense Dept

PSU Hershey Medical Center

BD Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson

Liss's Cafe Palmyra PA
Lisa's Cafe

US Navy

US Navy


Our clients are individuals, small to large businesses and associations, government, and multi-national corporations
We can combine any of our professional, technical, marketing and support services to build the solution you need.

Social Media Marketing Services

Our professional social media marketing services take the work out of Social Media Marketing and free your time to work your business!

We can provide a custom socail media marketing services package for you and we also offer a popular set of social media services for a fixed price on a subscription basis. Cost is based on number of days of service per week - 3 days, 5 days, 7 days learn more and compare plans ...

Leo Group & Company Websites
Designed to help Build and Support Business and Community

Platinum Referrals & Rewards
• An Easy, Affordable, and Rewarding way to Thank Your Best Customers for Referrals and Build Your Business
• Opportunity to Earn Recurring Commissions Join the Affiliate Program

A fresh approach to connecting people with local and regional events, places of interest, services, and businesses ... the first 5 websites are coming in September 2016!

Custom Software and Other Services

Custom Software

We create custom software solutions for needs not met by off the shelf software.
  • • Data Collection, Information Management, Analysis and Reporting
    • Complex Scheduling, Event Management, Fulfillment, and more ...
  • • Integrated software modules that support teams within an organization who perform different tasks and have different work flow needs. The modules allow sharing of specific information between modules to improve overall productivity and increase the value of information for management

Software and Data Services

  • • Consulting and Needs Analysis
  • • Planning and Prototype
  • • Software Design, Development  
  • • Database Design
  • • Data Conversion and Encryption
  • • Programming and Testing
  • • Documentation, Training, and Support

Specialized Services

  • • Book and Paper Publishing Support for Authors
    • Powerpoint presentations for professional seminars and meetings
  • • Content Creation, Writing, Proofing, Editing, Formatting
    • Medical, Scientific, Military, Technical, and Manufacturing documentation writers
  • • Online Research
    • Stills from Video, Digital Image Improvements: Orientation, Alignment,  Cropping, Color Adjustment, Resolution, etc.

Presentation and Marketing Services


  • • Responsive design - all pages, forms, and images automatically resize to fit computer, tablet or smart phone screens
  • • Website Development, Maintenance, Updates and Support
  • • Integrated Payment Systems and Stores
  • • Email Subscription Integration and Social Media Links
  • • Database Back End - supporting a variety of needs and functions
  • • Programming • Search Engine Optimization • Hosting
    • Images, Slide Shows, Videos

Social Media Services

  • • Set Up / Administer Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • • Content Creation - text and images  • Build likes and followers
    • Post and Tweet desired content on schedule 7 days a week

Marketing and Promotion

  • • Consulting • Branding Strategies and Implementation
  • • We create the words and images that build your brand and following
  • • Branded Socal media cover images, banners, profile images
  • • Branded website, landing pages, blogs ...
  • • Bonus: We can broadcast your message to a network of 100+ social media outlets

Bulk Email Services

• Branded Email template design for your bulk email campaigns
• Management of email lists and mailing campaigns

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We are always happy to discuss our services and promise that you will like our affordable pricing.